IBM launches auto translation for cloud-based apps

The new feature allows developers to convert their creations into nine different languages

IBM has launched a translation service onits Bluemix cloud platform that allows developers to automatically render their mobile and cloud-based apps into nine different languages.

The company’s Globalization Pipeline, which is currently in beta, supports French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Korean and is designed to make it easier for companies to deploy their apps in new territories without having to rebuild them.

With both machine translation and human post-editing capabilities, businesses can ensure the content of their apps is relevant to their entire customer base. It also supports a number of different SDKs that mean the translations can be updated without the need for re-building or re-deployment.

IBM referenced a study by Common Sense Advisory that revealed 75 per cent of customers prefer to buy products in their local language, adding 60 per cent of consumers will not buy if the only language supported on the website is English.

“Consumers in today’s globalised, digital marketplace expect a user experience that can be easily tailored to their unique needs, including their preferred language,” IBM said.

“For retailers and companies with consumer-facing apps, this service helps meet the criteria for expanding customer reach and loyalty in today’s fastest growing markets – in which shoppers are increasingly turning to online and mobile experiences.”

IBM added that automating the translation saves developers and wider organisations time and money because they don’t have to process the translations, nor use external translation agencies or in-house resources.

Automatic translation means developers can instead concentrate on ensuring their app is relevant for all markets, rather than looking at the linguistics used.

IBM’s Globalization Pipeline can be built into continuous delivery processes such as DevOps, which allows development teams to efficiently build and deploy apps.



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