New IBM z13 Announcements from IBM Interconnect

This week at the IBM Interconnect conference in Las Vegas, IBM announced new offerings that make it easy for customers to combine the power of the all-new z13 mainframe with the flexibility of the cloud.  Ross Mauri, IBM General Manager, z Systems introduced the news to a full house of IBM customers and partners during the standing room only IBM z Systems Keynote session in Mandalay Bay.

Ross Mauri

IBM’s Ross Mauri pictured alongside the z13

The new offerings include:

z Systems Hybrid Cloud Connect Test Drive: This new offering enables clients to easily connect their on-premise enterprise systems to a public cloud. Clients can continue to run core operations on the mainframe with the flexibility to quickly and seamlessly add new operations on the cloud. As part of the offering, IBM will provide SoftLayer Gateway as a Service capability and one SoftLayer virtual server for three months, as well as a resource to help set up the network gateway that will bridge the data center network with infrastructure in SoftLayer.   Perhaps the most enticing part for IBM customers is that all this can be done  at no cost to the client.

To qualify for Hybrid Cloud Connect Test Drive, customers must be willing to meet the following technical requirements:
IPSec capable network equipment at their data center
A connection in their firewall to SoftLayer
A SoftLayer account or willingness to set up a SoftLayer account
One or more machines on-site that can be used to test connectivity.

Memory Pricing for Growth: IBM is making it easier and more cost-effective for clients to scale up memory on the new z13, a key requirement for new applications to efficiently sift through massive amounts of data in real-time.  Depending on their current and new memory needs, qualifying clients that significantly increase memory and move to the z13 can save 33% to 87% on the cost of the additional memory, compared to IBM standard memory pricing.

IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack: IBM z Systems will offer IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack for the z13, opening up z13 to new platforms and simplifying management of virtualized environments.

IBM Bluemix integration with z Systems:  IBM has made the Dedicate Bluemix environment generally available.  Combined with continued enhancements to z/OS Connector technology within Blumemix and z Systems software, clients can leverage their own single-tenant version of Bluemix to build applications around their most sensitive data and existing services.
These new capabilities are designed to off IBM customers  fast, easy and secure mobile transactions. The implication for business is the creation of a secure, high performance infrastructure with sophisticated analytics.  On stage at IBM Interconnect Mr. Mauri stressed the need for IBM customers to deliver fast and efficient service to customers via their Mobile Apps and websites.   The powerful combinations of a scalable, high performance cloud environment powered by z13 can make efficient mobile and web customer service a reality.


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